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Upcoming Sabbath School Features & Leaders:

Sabbath School - 2nd Quarter 2010



April 3    Raleigh Heald                The Dark Side of Easter        Charles Loadholt

April 10  Andrea Kristensen     Mission Spotlight                      Peter White

 April 17  Andrea Kristensen     "When The Church Doors     

                                                       Are Locked: Gary Fordham"    Bob McEowen

 April 24  Martin Feldbush          Euro Africa: A Matter of Vision    Peter White 

 May 1   Marc Ligon                   Mission: New Churches                Greg Camper

                                                                For Brussels

 May 8   Martin Feldbush          Euro Africa: People Make

                                                                It Happen                            Charles Loadholt

May 15  Martha Feldbush         "Talking 'Mission' With

                                                         Desert Valley's Teachers        Peter White

 May 22    Jeb Beagles                     Mission and Education           Bob McEowen

 May 29  Jack Hanson                   Our Mission in Palau                 Bob McEowen

 June 5   Marc Ligon                     Your 13th Sabbath Offering -    Greg Camper

                                                                  Mission in Bulgaria

 June 12  Jeb Beagles                  The Mission of Healing               Charles Loadholt

 June 19   Raleigh Heald                To Be Announced                       Liz Henley

 June 26   Jack Hanson                   To Be Announced                      Liz Henley