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Arizona Tax Credit Math:

Based on last year's tax brackets (best as I can figure) the following apply:

If your AZ Adjusted Gross income is > $16,000 then you will pay over $500 in AZ state taxes.

If your AZ Adjusted Gross income is > $27,000 then you will pay over $1,000 in AZ state Taxes.

The Church membership is composed of roughly 250 individuals eligible for taxation.

If each member gave an average of $300 that would equal a total of $75,000: That is sufficient to provide a high quality, christian education to all our current kids, plus a few extra FOR FREE!!!

So please make this a serious consideration for your end of year money because all contributions must be received by the AZ Conference Office BY DEC 31st!!! Please don't let the only reason you don't contribute be that it is easier to procrastinate and pay the taxes in April.

For more information, please call Corrine Knopp at the AZ Conf. Office 480-991-6777 ext. 130. 

Visit this web site to download a brochure and learn more about the AZ Scholarship Program: